Per-SVR research study looking for a boost from community organizations

Per-SVR research study aims to help curb hep C reinfection

The new wave is here. Now that effective hepatitis C treatments are available, there is a global movement to end hepatitis C with surging political will. It is a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to save 10 million lives by 2030 through effective hepatitis C treatment. The BC Government, in March 2018, made treatment accessible to any British Columbian living with chronic hepatitis C.

Now, we need your help. The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS’ (BC-CfE) Viral Hepatitis Research Program aims to monitor and evaluate the hepatitis C epidemic in BC. The BC-CfE has made huge advances against HIV. By expanding access to knowledge through research and to treatment through the made-in-BC Treatment as Prevention® strategy, these strategies can now be applied to ending another public health threat through Targeted Disease Elimination®. Focusing largely on the intersections between hepatitis C, HIV and harm reduction, the BC-CfE is developing evidence-based research to inform health policy.

The BC-CfE’s Per-SVR Study (pronounced “Persevere!”) aims to better understand if, how and when hepatitis C reinfection may occur – especially among marginalized populations such as individuals who inject drugs, men who have sex with men and people involved in sex work. Per-SVR is recruiting participants in a multi-year study to learn more about the experiences of people who have been treated with the new “DAA” or direct acting antiretroviral hepatitis C medications.

Physicians and other health care providers can help move British Columbia towards the goal of Targeted Disease Elimination® of hepatitis C. Share the word about Per-SVR by displaying a poster, sharing a postcard and talking about it. By introducing patients to treatment and to the study, you will contribute to advancing research and eliminating a public health threat.

Reach out to Caroline Dobuzinskis at [email protected], BC-CfE Communications Coordinator, for more information and promotional materials.