Positive Living BC welcomes Elgin Lim as new Executive Director

Via the Positive Living BC Weekly eNews


A message from the Chair:

Positive Living BC welcomes Elgin Lim as our new Executive Director!

On behalf of the Board of Directors I am pleased to announce the appointment of Elgin Lim as Executive Director of the Positive Living Society of BC, effective September 2018.

Elgin is well known around these parts, first starting with the Society in 2006 as Director of Positive Prevention, and then as the Director of Programs and Services since 2013. In these roles, Elgin has been pivotal in growing Positive Living BC’s unique suite of member-focused activities and ensuring that our offerings are relevant, timely, well-managed and well-respected by our funders and the community at-large. The Board looks forward to working with Elgin over the coming years to further develop Positive Living BC while always keeping us at the top of our game. My fellow members and I have a bright future ahead with Elgin at the helm of our Society!

Elgin will continue to work as the Director of Programs and Services until our current Executive Director, Ross Harvey, officially retires at the end of August. However, there will be some overlap during this time as Elgin and Ross work together to ensure a seamless transition in our everyday operations.

If you have any questions about this exciting change in the Society, please feel free to contact me directly.

Neil Self

Chair, Board of Directors