PLHIV Forum Survey Sets Priority for Action

At each PAN Fall conference, people living with HIV (PLHIV) delegates take part in a forum to discuss issues and make recommendations on PLHIV priorities in the work of  PAN. Jesse Brown, the Co-Chair of PAN’s Board of Directors, shares this letter with 2017 attendees. 

March 26, 2018

Dear Positive Forum 2017 Attendees,

We appreciate your participation at the last positive forum, with this survey, and for you patience with this exercise in determining a priority for PAN to be engaged in. While it has taken us some extra time to complete, I believe that the process has been a thorough one and that it has better informed PAN of the needs and hopes of its HIV+ members.

14/20 participants filled out our follow-up survey and there was a clear preference for PAN to be working on the following priority.  This number includes one staff who deliberately abstained, and another Forum attendee to whom it was not applicable.

PAN to support PLDI graduates by working with member agencies to foster opportunities for continued professional development and personal support, volunteer placements, and paid positions.

This was the most important priority for six responders and the second choice of another six. Only one survey response indicated that this was the least important priority out of the three. In total 92% of participants believe that working to ensure the success of PLDI grads is a priority PAN should be undertaking (please see attachment for the complete results).

While there was a clear preference for this priority, there is overlap with the three options presented in this survey and PAN will be working in all of them. PAN continues to support HIV+ peer based work throughout the province of BC, as well as ensuring all member agencies of PAN live up to the values and approaches of our network. As evidenced by the PLDI program, PAN is firmly committed to peer education, support, and leadership of HIV+ people and will continue to ensure our member agencies understand the importance of GIPA/MIPA principles and remember our shared legacy. We will be reporting back to you on our work in advance of the 2018 Positive Forum and invite your continued feedback and involvement.

I look forward to seeing those of you coming to this year’s Forum. Thank you again for participating in this survey, for your feedback regarding the 2017 Forum, and for remaining engaged in the work of PAN.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding PAN’s work and we will be in touch regarding the 2018 Forum soon.



Jesse Brown, PAN co-chair


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