You can take action to make policy change in Canada

From the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network


From April 19-21, the Liberal Party of Canada is hosting its national convention in Halifax. There, party members will vote on major policy resolutions that they will bring forward as part of the party platform for the 2019 federal election.

Right now, 39 policy resolutions are on the table. Three of those resolutions in particular are very encouraging and relevant to the Legal Network’s human rights work. The first, “Address the Opioid Crisis Through a Public Health Approach” (#2752), calls for the Government of Canada to “treat drug abuse as a health issue, expand treatment and harm reduction services and re-classify low-level drug possession and consumption as administrative violations.” The second, “Decriminalization of Consensual Sex Work and Sex Trade” (#2764), calls for the repeal of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act and the decriminalization of sex work, including the purchase of sex. The third, “Indigenous Health Care Auditor and Indigenous Health Ombudsman” (#2758), could help to close the gaps in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Canada.

If adopted, these resolutions would demonstrate a commitment from the Liberal Party of Canada to the human rights and dignity of people who use drugs, sex workers and Indigenous communities.

But there’s still a great deal of work ahead to get these policy resolutions adopted as official policy. From March 4-18, registered Liberals can vote for policy resolutions online, and the top 30 resolutions will proceed to the convention.

You can take action now

The voting process is open to any person living in Canada and who is a registered Liberal. If you are already a registered Liberal, you can choose your top 30 policy resolutions in the online vote. You should receive further instructions with details for the voting process from the party.

We will also be doing our part to call for the adoption of these important policy resolutions, leading the advocacy charge in a variety of ways.

As a friend and supporter of the Legal Network, we know that compassionate public policy, human rights and dignity for all matter to you. You can help to shape ideas put forward by political parties in Canada, ensuring that human rights are at the forefront of all policy-making processes.


In solidarity,
The Legal Network