Cheque Day Study Community Impact Survey



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In British Columbia income assistance is paid once a month to all recipients on the same day, generally the last Wednesday of the month. This day is often known as ‘Cheque Day’. There has been a lot of research, and acknowledgement from people in the community, that harm like overdoses, violence and hospital admissions spike around payment days. The Cheque Day Study is looking at the impacts of changing when and how often income assistance is paid, to see if there is a way to schedule payments that works better for people.

This survey is to help us understand more about what Cheque Day is like across the province, and to think about potential impacts that could come from changing the schedule of payments. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and experience. Your answers will contribute to a Community Impact Statement we will share alongside research results to inform discussions about alternative payment schedules. Please feel free to share this survey with colleagues and clients who would like to provide input.

Please note your answers to the survey will be anonymous, so if you would like to get in touch please email our study Knowledge Broker Joanna Mendell at [email protected]


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