Exploring Evaluation Webinar Series: A Professional Development Opportunity

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘evaluation’? We want to support you to see evaluation as an activity that can help you learn about your organization and its programs. Simple questions like “What works well?” and “What could we adapt in our organization to make its programs and processes even better?” can give you insights into fine-tuning your work.

These questions are at the heart of PAN’s newest 3-part webinar series. By bringing together a group of participants and experienced evaluators, this series will explore strategies for making evaluation exciting and relevant to the aims of your organization. In offering a series of learning opportunities over the course of several weeks, our goal is to challenge the idea that evaluation is only for reporting to funders, and to help you better understand the value of accessible evaluation as a learning tool that can help you recognize your successes and identify areas where you might do things differently.

To facilitate productive discussions, this series will be limited to a group of 12 participants who are available and can commit to attending all three sessions and completing approximately one hour of reflection and independent work between each of the webinars. Please see below for more details about the series and the application process.


The Sessions:

  1. Evaluation: What is the difference between reporting and learning? (January 25; presenters: Joanna Paterson and Lanny Kipling)
  2. Building a culture of learning through evaluation to create a learning-based organization (February 1; presenters: Jaydee Cossar, Paul Kerber and Hermione Jefferis*)
  3. Methods and tools for engaging in accessible learning-based evaluation (February 8; presenters: Allison Enjetti and Kylie Hutchinson)


What to expect:

Sessions will be held via webinar, from 9:30 am to 11 am, on January 25, February 1 and February 8. In addition to attending all three sessions, participants will also be expected to complete one hour of independent work between each session for a total commitment of approximately 10 hours. Webinar participants will also be expected to participate short surveys to evaluate the series.


What will you gain from participating?

With the support of PAN staff, you will learn alongside experienced evaluators and a group of other participants who are interested in applying accessible evaluation tools and methods to build a culture of learning and evidence-based decision-making in their organizations.


How can I apply to participate in this series?

Register now! Attendance is limited to 12 partcipants.


*Note: the list of presenters may change