Job Posting: Communications & Events Manager, CBRC

Community-Based Research Center for Gay Men’s Health

Communications & Events Manager

Full-Time October 2017 – March 2022
Salary Starts at $ 60,000 with benefits French follows English

Incorporated in 1999, CBRC is a charitable health promotion organization that aims to improve the lives of gay, bi and other men who have sex with men, through research, learning and leadership development.

CBRC’s vision – A Better World for Gay Men.

We are entering an exciting time in CBRC’s development as we establish our national mandate. For nearly two decades, CBRC has been advocating broad approaches to gay men’s health promotion to improve structural conditions and well being in British Columbia. Now, CBRC is undertaking a national intervention: the  Smarter Prevention  project. This multifaceted nation-wide initiative will promote both the physical and the mental health of men and women.

We need to  communicate  with each other in order to improve the quality of our services. Combination prevention strategies include making STBBI more convenient, mental health services more available and treatment options such as TasP, PEP and PrEP more accessible. The  Communications and Events Manager CBRC website, social media, and print resources. This position would be responsible for organizing the annual Gay Men’s Health Summit, an education, training and capacity building that brings together the broad range of professions and community members working in HIV prevention and health promotion.


  • Managers digital team, social media coordination, writers, graphic designers, print producers and other consultants
  • Facilitates CBRC Summit planning team; recruits programming committee
  • Recruits and consults Summit regional advisors, sponsors, partners, speakers, moderators
  • Managing editor of all KTE products and publications
  • Directions website redesign for improved navigation and bilingual products
  • Directs organizational communications strategies
  • Prepares social media promotional concepts; recruit writers
  • Graphic design for all media and publications
  • Leads the annual Summit through all phases including announcements; the selection of keynotes; abstract invitations; programming committee; scheduling and program development; facilities-catering coordination; project participant travel and accommodation; sponsorship; affiliated event coordination.


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