Seeking Volunteers for a Community Advisory Board

From Dr. Nathan Lachowsky

This is an invitation for gay, bisexual, queer, two-spirit and trans men across British Columbia who
have personal experience using crystal meth and are comfortable discussing this topic among peers.
We are building a Community Advisory Board (“CAB”) for a new pilot research study focused on
crystal meth interventions. The study will consult gay, bi, queer, two-spirit, and trans men across
British Columbia. We will ask men about the kinds of programs, services, prevention and support that
they would like to see around crystal meth. We will also ask how men who use crystal meth would like
to participate in future research. We will use all of this information to plan and conduct a larger
intervention study in the future.

Dr. Nathan Lachowsky at the University of Victoria leads the project. This pilot research study has
two-parts. First, we will hold in-depth interviews with diverse gay, bi, and queer men who use crystal
meth. Second, we will run an online survey for men who use crystal meth across British Columbia.
We are looking for 5-7 men who have sex with men who identify as gay, bisexual, queer, trans or two-spirit and who have past or present experience using crystal meth. We are seeking men who have
extensive experience and knowledge of crystal meth. Men who have tried to access services or
supports around their crystal meth use are encouraged to join. We do not expect CAB members to have any prior research experience or training!

We are looking to select enthusiastic folks and will train them about community-based, quantitative,
qualitative, and mixed method research. We actively recruit peers from the communities we serve
and partner with, including men living with HIV and indigenous men. Our team believes that no
research about these communities should be developed without the communities in question being
involved every step of the way. “Nothing about us, without us”.

We expect the CAB members will live across British Columbia. The CAB will connect together over the
phone or using Internet videoconferencing. Each CAB member will receive a $50 cash honorarium for
each meeting, which will last up to 2 hours. The CAB will meet 4-6 times over the next year to advise
the research team on the following:
• What are community priorities around crystal meth use?
• How should we promote the study to potential participants?
• What questions are important to ask in the interviews and online survey?
• How can we ensure that the study is culturally appropriate for the diverse communities
• What do the research findings mean and what should be the next steps?

To learn more about this study funded by the HIV Clinical Trials Network, please read this story in the Positive Living Magazine.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Nathan Lachowsky by phone
(250-472-5739) or email ([email protected]) by October 1st, 2017.