Remembering Dr. Mark Wainberg

Dr. Mark Wainberg and colleaguesIt was with heavy hearts that we learned of the accidental death of Dr. Mark Wainberg, a passionate leader in HIV research and education. Wainberg was the Senior Investigator at the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, based at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.  He was also one of the founding members of the Canadian Association for HIV Research, where he served as President and helped to steer the direction of the annual CAHR conference

CBC’s headline identified him as a “HIV/AIDS trailblazer who saved millions of lives”  and indeed, he was. In Mark Wainberg and the Enduring Importance of 3TC, Dr. Paul Sax timelines Wainberg’s role in discovering how 3TC could challenge HIV and offer hope for treatment. 3TC has continued to play a strong role in HIV treatment protocol that has saved millions.

From the PAN community, condolences to all those who knew and worked with Wainberg. He will be sorely missed.

Photo courtesy of CAHR. Wainberg is fourth from the left. 


Janet Madsen, Capacity Building and Knowledge Translation Coordinator