Learning From Each Other Survey: Best Practices in Hiring and Retaining People with Episodic Conditions

realizeDo you have an Episodic Health Condition? Participate in our Survey!

People with episodic disabilities face significant employment and income support issues. Recurring periods of ill health make it difficult to work, especially full-time. Most people with episodic disabilities must rely on health and disability benefits. And due to the strict definitions and policies that govern these benefit programs, many people are not able to participate in the workforce part-time or when their health allows.

A team of community based researchers are conducting a study on the experiences with people living with health conditions that result in unpredictable periods of health and illness. The information will be used to develop resources to improve employment opportunities for people with episodic conditions. During October-December 2016 they are inviting people living with episodic conditions to complete an online survey and share their experience with daily activities including work.

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