Job Posting BC Stigma Index Peer Research Associate (PRA)


BC Stigma Index Peer Research Associate (PRA)

Job Opportunity

JOB DEFINITION: The Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) is presently in the process of hiring four to six Peer Research Associates to assists us with a community-based research project, the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index, a dynamic research project born out of a community-identified need to turn the tide against persistent HIV stigma and discrimination. For the purposes of this opportunity, a Peer Research Associate (PRA) is a person living with HIV (PLHIV) who is hired and trained to support research tasks and who has experiences and identities in common with the study participants they will recruit and interview. Peer Researchers are at the heart of the BC Stigma Index. They will represent the Pacific AIDS Network across BC and increase the reach and engagement of people living with HIV in the study.

REMUNERATION: Compensation will be provided at a rate of $75 per questionnaire. This amount includes time required to complete the interview and for other duties and responsibilities. Compensation for training sessions will also be provided.

JOB LOCATION: Four to Six Peer Research Associates will be hired around the province of BC and will work as a team from various locations using teleconference, videoconferencing and other methods as necessary.

REPORTS TO: PLDI & Stigma Index Project Manager.

About The Pacific AIDS Network

The Pacific AIDS Network (PAN) works collaboratively to build the capacity and skills of our 50+ member organizations and people with lived experience, to effectively address HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and related conditions. PAN does this by facilitating communication, providing opportunities for involvement in community-based research and the sharing of best practices, and providing professional/workforce development and leadership training to our members and people living with HIV/AIDS from throughout BC. PAN acts as a voice for the community-based response, undertaking collective action to influence public perceptions and policies.

About the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index

Linked to the international HIV Stigma Index initiative, the BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index will be the first ever community-based research (CBR) study in British Columbia to document experiences of stigma and discrimination from the perspective of people living with HIV. To learn more about the study visit:

This action-oriented study will translate community experiences into language decision makers can effectively use; build a shared agenda to influence programs, services and policies; and positively impact individuals involved. The HIV Stigma Index study is both a process of building partnerships and capacity, and an action-based research tool (building on a quantitative & qualitative questionnaire).

Designed by and for people living with HIV and led by people living with HIV, this study will inform better evidence-based responses to HIV and related issues, and will empower participants to have an active voice in anti-stigma and discrimination reduction initiatives. The Index aims to conduct 200 interviews with people living with HIV from across the province. The objectives of this initiative are to:

  • Broaden our understanding of HIV stigma and examine the potential resilience factors that may buffer/reduce negative effects on health & social wellbeing;
  • Inform provincial/local strategies to reduce stigma and strengthen social networks; and
  • Improve programs to better meet the needs of people living with HIV and increase access to and uptake of services.


PRAs will interview study participants using a computer-based questionnaire. The questionnaire will include questions about interviewees’ perceptions of the causes of stigma and discrimination, disclosure and confidentiality, access to work and services, and much more. PRAs will conduct interviews with HIV-positive peers from across BC, mostly in person, although some will be conducted by telephone and/or Skype.

All PRAs will receive and must complete a three-day PRA training. This will include intensive training in research methods, privacy and confidentiality, administering interviews, administering the Stigma Index questionnaire, computer literacy, participant support, and self-care. After training, PRAs will be responsible for administering 25 – 35 surveys with participants over a 6-8 month period. Further details of duties and responsibilities are described below.

HIV-positive individuals from traditionally marginalized or silenced communities are encouraged to apply, including lesbian, bi, queer and transgendered people; racialized and Indigenous communities; and other individuals from groups who have been historically under-represented in health research.

If you are interested:
• All interested applicants are asked to complete an application form for consideration. All interested applicants are asked to complete an application form for consideration. Due to limited administrative resources, to promote efficiency and to make things easier for our Selection Committee members, we ask that applications be submitted electronically. However we will accept emailed or faxed applications.

*When emailing the application it should be saved and sent in the following format: “Lastname_Stigma” – example, “Cossar_Stigma”. If scanning facilities are available, the application can be filled in, scanned and sent as a PDF. However, it can also be simply worked on as a word document, and then emailed to [email protected]

Deadline for applications is August, 29th @ 4pm 2016
• We will be reviewing applications at the end of August and inviting short-listed applicants to an interview between September 6th – September 13th
• All Peer Research Associates will be required to participate in a face-to-face training in Vancouver in October 3, 4 and 5th, 2016.
• If you have questions please contact Jaydee Cossar [email protected]

All successful applicants will be required to complete a Vulnerable Sector Check.

The Pacific AIDS Network would like to thank, in advance, all applicants who take the time to submit an application for PRA positions. We are grateful for your interest in this study. The PLHIV Stigma Index PRA hiring team includes representatives from research and peers from the HIV community. The hiring team will consider every application carefully with a goal of building a strong and diverse PRA team, representative of persons living with HIV across BC. Only successful applicants will be notified regarding whether or not they have been selected for an interview.