Universities Without Walls – Flipped Conference Invite

uww_logo_webAt traditional conferences, we believe the most meaningful and lasting connections are often made outside the plenary sessions. New friendships are formed after colleagues bump into each other in hallways, hotel rooms, share libations. So we’re making a conscious effort to bring the water cooler conversations up on to the podium. Instead of spending our time on PowerPoint slides and talking points, the Flipped Conference is devoted to forging relationships and understanding content either individually or in groups–it has a problem solving focus and is competitive, requires that team members (2 or more) remain engaged in all stages.

Flipped workshop: CBR and Program Science in HIV. This is an extended format workshop. One academic and one community person affiliated to an organization register, they are followed up by our Program Science and CBR mentors to help them refine their rough ideas. Around the third month of the workshop, the team will be supported to prepare a video presentation to report on the progress of their idea to the world and to enter the final competition stretch of the workshop. At that stage, a panel formed by community and academics will vote on the most inspiring and promising ideas. We will grant a modicum of funding and even more technical support to up to three of the ideas presented. The most promising ideas, and not necessarily the complex and complete ideas, will win the collaborative competitive workshop. The flipped workshop is to germinate novel ideas with good mentoring over an extended period.

Who is eligible:

Teams must be composed of at least one (1) full-time graduate student in Canada, and one (1) representative from an AIDS Service Organization (ASO) or a community-based organization with substantial HIV/HEP C programming.

How to participate:

1) Familiarize yourself with the interactive instructions listed on the Flipped Conference landing page

2) Assemble your team and identify a number of program science research questions and/or interventions

3) Complete the online application form