Media Primer on HIV and Older Adults

The National Coordinating Committee on HIV and Aging (NCC) has prepared a media primer on HIV and older adults for reference and use by community-based organizations. As a member of the NCC, PAN is pleased to have collaborated on this primer and to be supporting it’s dissemination. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that consistent, evidence-based information about HIV and older adults is shared across Canada.

  • The primer provides key messages and calls to action, as well as secondary messages and background information, that may be helpful to anyone being interviewed, writing an article, or preparing a story on this topic for World AIDS Day.
  • We have left space where you can enter your own organizations’ contact information if you are circulating the primer to local journalists.
  • Representatives from the National Coordinating Committee on HIV and Aging are also available to provide follow up information if need be.  Please call Kate Murzin, Health Programs Specialist, Canadian Working Group on HIV and Rehabilitation at 416-513-0440 ext 244 or email [email protected]

Download the media primer.

Let’s work together to raise awareness about the experiences, needs and wishes of older adults living with and vulnerable to HIV in Canada this World AIDS Day.