BCCfE – Working Together: Interprofessional Care in HIV – New Online Course

BCCFEThe BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS is happy to announce the launch of a new online course. It is offered free of charge to any clinician, provider or community member interested in learning about HIV testing, treatment, care and support. Please pass this email on to anyone who would benefit from this course.


HIV is a complex and multi-faceted illness. Where possible, a diverse team of clinicians, providers and support services can help to address social, medical and other health-related issues in the care of a person living with HIV. This course has been developed by clinicians and providers of diverse disciplines, and provides an introduction to providing care and support for people living with HIV, using an interprofessional framework. The course takes approx. 6 hours to complete. A certificate will be issued from the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS upon successful completion of the course.