People living with HIV invited to participate in online survey about cognitive challenges

The C3Q Survey

Individuals living with HIV often express conC3Q-symbolcerns about how they think, feel, and function in everyday life.  A team of researchers at McGill University has partnered with HIV community-based programs to develop the C3Q study (Communicating Cognitive Challenges in HIV Questionnaire).  The first phase of this study focused on identifying aspects of memory, concentration, and attention that individuals living with HIV are worried about.  The aim of the second phase is to determine the importance of each of the concerns identified in the first phase and identify the best way in which the question can be asked to you.

Do you live with HIV and want to contribute to the development of a questionnaire to better serve people such as yourself?  To complete the survey, you simply select one of the answers among the listed choices. The questionnaire is available at

As a token of appreciation, the first 400 participants will be asked to select a community group among those listed to whom we will donate $5.

**This survey is completely anonymous.  Records of your survey responses do not contain any identifying information and no confidential information (name, email, computer address) will be retained.