Pacific Hep C Network – Patient Input Surveys

Hep C NetworkThe Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) wants to hear from you! They are currently seeking patient input for grazoprevir / elbasvir and, therefore, the Pacific Hep C Network (PHCN) needs your thoughts, opinions, and experiences for our patient group input report.

There are two PHCN Input Surveys

Take this survey if you are living with hep C / if you have had hep C.

The first survey was written for those with hep C or those who have had hep C. It includes 14 questions, some multiple choice, and is divided into 4 sections. The most important of these sections are ‘Section 2 of 4: Your Expectations of grazoprevir / elbasvir’ and ‘Section 3 of 4: Your Experience with grazoprevir / elbasvir’, if you have been treated with grazoprevir / elbasvir. If you haven’t taken grazoprevir / elbasvir, the survey lets you skip this section.

Take this survey if you are a caregiver or loved one of someone who is living with hep C/had hep C.

The second survey was written for loved ones or caregivers of those living with hep C/have had hep C. It includes 7 questions divided into 2 sections.

If the surveys don’t focus on something you would like to add, please use a textbox and include it as one of your answers. Some of the questions require answers but others were written to, hopefully, help you share your experiences or voice your opinion.

Survey responses are anonymous (we don’t know your name or other information about you). The information gathered will be used as part of a patient group input report for CADTH. By completing the survey you accept that PHCN can use the information gathered by it in our patient group input report for CADTH.

The survey links will only remain open until November 4th so please complete a survey and share the survey links with others ASAP.

Email the Hepatitis C Treatment Information Project for more information about the surveys or for more information about grazoprevir / elbasvir.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion and help advocate for a better tomorrow.