Presentations from Challenges & Opportunities in Rural HIV Health event

canoc_logo_retinaChallenges and Opportunities in Rural HIV Health was an Affiliated Independent Event at the 8th IAS Conference, held by the CANOC Collaborative Research Centre on July 18, 2015 in Vancouver, BC. The session provided a platform for experts, community members, researchers, clinicians and students to unite and discuss the unique challenges of remoteness and geographic isolation that people living with HIV in rural communities and their care providers face.

This session sought to characterize the impact of rurality on HIV knowledge dissemination, HIV testing and services utilization, and HIV-associated health outcomes within rural communities. The aim of this session was to examine issues related to rural health in the context of HIV, to create a network of individuals interested in rural health and HIV, and to help move forward a rural HIV research agenda.

Presentation videos from the event are now available on the CANOC website.