Announcement from YouthCO and Camp Moomba






With 18 years of camp to celebrate, The Moomba Society has decided to build on successful partnerships with YouthCO HIV and Hep C Society and to strengthen and make official our collaboration: by the end of 2015, The Moomba Society will be integrated with YouthCO, and starting on September 30th, 2015, Camp Moomba programs will be housed at YouthCO. A Moomba advisory committee and the continued engagement of Moomba alumni, staff and board in programming will ensure a smooth transition. Over the next weeks and months, we welcome questions and comments from all of you.

At YouthCO, we are really excited to be adding this program to our list of opportunities for youth living with HIV. As part of the transition, the boards and staff of both organizations have been working together to maximize the peer support and peer education each organization offers. Please click here to read the announcements from Camp Moomba and YouthCO about this exciting unification.

As we continue our transition, we are working with Camp Moomba to host an all ages community fundraising event for our supporters to come together and celebrate our shared commitment in supporting youth living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Please join us on October 22nd at Vancouver’s Science World to celebrate the fusion of two incredible organizations.