Job Posting – SFU: BC Research Coordinator for a National Women & HIV Study

sfuWorking with the Principal Investigator, the Research Coordinator assists in the planning, development, implementation, and coordination of two CIHR-funded studies involving women living with HIV:

1) Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS) (0.7 FTE)

2) Women Under Surveilllance: Mapping Criminalization’s Creep into the Health and Social Care of Women Living with HIV (0.3 FTE)

The RC will function as the BC coordinator for both national studies and administer research study-associated activities in BC including: training, supporting and coordinating Peer Research Associates (PRAs), supporting clinical and community sites for enrolment, ensuring and assisting with REB approvals at the different sites, ensuring regulatory requirements are followed, supporting sites and PRAs to recruit participants and ensure that consent is being conducted properly and that web-based interviewer-administered data entry is being conducted appropriately, and coordinating the BC Research Team and the BC Community Advisory Board. At a national level, the RC will serve as the primary administrative liaison for the Data Management & Analysis committee and Knowledge Translation activities. The RC will develop and maintain recordkeeping systems and procedures including budgeting. The RC will also be involved in research, including preparing and presenting conference abstracts and preparing manuscripts. The RC may direct and/or support students and other trainees throughout the year. Finally, the RC will be involved in report preparation and grant writing and submissions.

Click here to view complete job posting. Deadline for applications is August 14, 2015.