CATIE’s Summer 2015 Positive Side newsletter






Hot off the press: the Summer 2015 edition of The Positive Side, CATIE’s health and wellness magazine for people living with HIV.

In this issue:

From the Front Lines: Well, well, well…
HIV wellness programs across Canada.

Chatty CATIE: Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation
4 young people living with HIV on what you oughta know.

Profile: Bouncing Back
Regina’s Gloria Tremblay wasn’t about to let HIV keep her down for long.

Healthy summer bevvies from dietitian Doug Cook.

Mind Over Matter
Boost your mood—and maybe your immune system—with mindfulness meditation.

In Search of the Invisible Man
Where are all the straight men with HIV? Find out.

Adherence All-Stars
A group of Albertans with “chaotic lifestyles” who have mastered the art of adherence.

The Engagement Cascade
A tool for client-centred care.

Ask the Experts: Inflammation
Chronic inflammation from HIV keeps your immune system switched on. 3 experts explain what you can do to reduce it.

Art Posi+ive: A Stitch in Time
Artist-activist Jessica Whitbread creates community with her art.

Visual AIDS: More Than Meets the Eye
André Quenneville challenges our assumptions about living with HIV.