Universities Without Walls – “Institutional ethnography & HIV”, an online colloquium hosted by Colin Hastings

uww_logo_webInstitutional ethnography & investigations into the social dimensions of HIV
Wednesday, April 29 2:00-3:00pm EST
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This online colloquia will provide an introduction to a form of sociological research called institutional ethnography. As we explore the ways that institutional ethnography can be applied to social studies of HIV, we will reflect on the connection between research and activism and the capacity of the researcher to enact social change.

Learning Objectives

By participating in this online session you will:

  1. develop an understanding of how institutional ethnography functions as a research methodology
  2. gain familiarity with how institutional ethnography has been applied to HIV research
  3. have an opportunity to experiment with institutional ethnographic approaches to interviewing

To prepare for this online session, please read this short article that sets out the project of Institutional Ethnography.




Colin Hastings
began working in the HIV/AIDS sector in 2010 as a community educator with a local ASO in Kingston, Ontario. Since then his research has centered on the relationship between community education and community building within AIDS organizations. He is currently a Doctoral candidate in Sociology at York University. He is always looking for ways to build bridges between research that happens in universities and local community groups.