Letter of Response from Federal Minister of Health Rona Ambrose to Joint Letter from PAN OAN COCQ-SIDA & ACCH

On January 8, 2015, a joint letter from PAN, OAN, COCQ-SIDA and ACCH was sent to Federal Minister of Health Rona Ambrose as part of PAN’s ongoing efforts and joint advocacy with our sister networks, working to preserve the envelope of funding within the Federal Initiative dedicated for programs and services on the “front lines” for HIV community-based work across Canada.

A letter of response from Minister Ambrose dated March 6, 2015 was sent to the Ontario AIDS Network.  In her response, Minister Ambrose states: “The Government of Canada recognizes the important contributions made by local, front-line community-based organizations toward addressing HIV and Hepatitis C in Canada, raising awareness, preventing new infections, and supporting those individuals affected by these conditions. We remain committed to a comprehensive, long-term approach to addressing communicable diseases in Canada, which includes a key role for local front-line organizations.”  The Minister also states that further stakeholder engagement will be taking place in the coming weeks, to seek further input on considerations for funding priorities and allocations. Click here to read the full letter. PAN, the OAN, COCQ-SIDA and ACCH will continue to make use of any and all opportunities to engage the federal government on the development of the Community Action Fund.