REACH 2.0 Program Science in Practice Event

Join the REACH 2.0 Team for its Program Science in Practice Event, a CAHR 2015 Ancillary Event being held on April 30th, 2015 from 9am – 4pm

Program science is quickly becoming recognized as a key approach to designing, implementing and evaluating effective, efficient, evidenced based interventions. With its emphasis on collaboration between the science that studies key health and social issues and the programs that serve people impacted by those issues, program science helps ensure that information from programs is fed into research and that research helps shape and inform programs.

This introductory symposium will help participants build an understanding of the basic foundations of program science, what it looks like in practice and how it can help them create more effective interventions.

People working at the front line in community-based organizations, peers, researchers and public health staff are all invited to participate.

A preliminary agenda is available  and you can register today