Rehabilitation in the context of HIV webinar (Universities Without Walls)

This online session will explore the topics of episodic disability, rehabilitation in the context of HIV, and vocational rehabilitation. We’ve designed this session so it’s relevant for both community members and service providers. The hosts will explore why access to rehabilitation services is a key priority facing people living with HIV in Canada, and what are the most effective strategies service providers can employ when assisting people living with HIV to realize their vocational goals.

By participating in this online session you will:

  • Increase your knowledge regarding HIV in the context of rehabilitation.
  • Receive information regarding rehabilitation and HIV including episodic disability, rehabilitation services, lived experiences of people living with HIV and associated challenges and facilitators.
  • Learn about the complexity associated with working and managing an episodic disability such as HIV.
  • Learn about promising approaches in supporting people living with HIV to realize their vocational goals.

For more information and to register click here.