Developing shared measurement systems: Successes and challenges from the Community HIV/HCV Evaluation and Reporting Tool (CHERT)

Shared measurement systems require all programs or initiatives working towards a common goal to report on the same measures, using identical indicators and methodologies. Such systems have the potential to increase efficiency, learning and impact within any given field by accurately documenting the work that is collectively being conducted. Many of you are familiar with the work of the CHERT – The Community HIV/HCV Evaluation and Reporting Tool. The CHERT is an excellent example of a shared measurement system for community-based HIV and hepatitis C organizations in BC.

Janice Duddy, Manager of Evaluation for PAN’s Community-Based Research Program, and myself presented at the Canadian Evaluation Society’s Health Evaluation Conference last week on the successes and challenges of establishing and using the CHERT. Click here to see our slides.

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Elayne Vlahaki, MPH
President, Catalyst Consulting Inc.
Manager, BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group, Pacific AIDS Network