December 3rd Online Session: What’s hot with PRAs in Canada part 3

Leap Researchers logoThe Learning Exchange for AIDS Peer Researchers (LEAP),  invites you to the 3rd edition of “What’s hot with PRAs in Canada”, our online educational series for PRAs and those who work with PRAs, on Wednesday, December 3rd from 2pm – 3pm EST. 

Facilitated by James Watson from the OHTN, the theme from this session is “Supporting HIV Positive Peer Researchers.”
To get the conversation started, we’ve assigned four questions to our presenters. Please think about these questions too–we welcome all your contributions to our interactive online discussion on Dec. 3rd.



Presenter Question
Terry Howard

Director of Community-Based Research

Positive Living BC


Why do you believe national PRA support standards are necessary?
Anna Demetrakopoulos

Support Coordinator

AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario

PRA work is recognized as challenging work, what support or self-care strategies do you recommend?
Zack Marshal

Community based researcher

Division of Community Health and Humanities at Memorial University

How can researchers help support PRAs in their work?
Krista Shore

Peer researcher from the Peepeekisis First Nation

Long-time contributor to the Aboriginal HIV movement in Canada

Aids Program South Saskatchewan (APSS)

As an Aboriginal woman and mother what are some of the challenges of working as a PRA and what supports do you believe are essential in overcoming these challenges?