Guide to Network Evaluation

The Centre for Evaluation Innovation and Network Impact recently partnered to create a how-to guide on network evaluation. The following is a rationale for this guide provided by the authors. Changemakers everywhere are investing in and building new networks – from large-scale cross-sector “collective impact” initiatives to more targeted efforts to promote policy change, spark innovation, or improve the delivery of services. All of this activity has made evaluation a priority for funders and practitioners who want to learn more about what networks can achieve and how to build networks more effectively. Network assessment – systematic, practical, and focused on a network’s unique capabilities – is coming into its own.

This guide is comprised of two components: (i) The Framing Paper on the State of Network Evaluation; and (ii) Evaluating Networks for Social Change: A Casebook. Download both components of this resource here.


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Elayne Vlahaki, MPH
Principal Consultant, Catalyst Research Group
Manager, BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group, Pacific AIDS Network