Moving Mountains HIV/AIDS CBR conference report now online

The Community Report from the Moving Mountains: HIV/AIDS Community Based Research Conference, held in Prince George from June 17-19, 2014, is now available. The report captures the main themes of the event and also outlines the results of the evaluation of the conference, including lists of research and capacity buildiMoving Mountains Logong priorities identified by attendees. The event brought together a range of people – including people with lived experience, policy-makers, academics, staff of community-based organizations and others – some for the first time.

During the event, participants participated in a research priority-setting session, and the top priorities are summarized in the Community Report. The full list of priority topics are available here. Also available is the environmental scan of HIV/AIDS research in Northern Canada conducted for Moving Mountains. These will live permanently on a dedicated Moving Mountains page on the Pacific AIDS Network website, along with presentation slides from the event.

We also have great news that event Co-Chair Jamie Reshny has been awarded a UWW Fellowship to continue the work that we started together, in particular by advancing work on the research priorities identified at the event. Andrea is his “community mentor” so we will be staying involved as this moves forward.

All in all, this event was a great success and certainly only the beginning of some great initiatives to address HIV/AIDS in Northern BC.

A special thanks to the Advisory Committee for Moving Mountains another great example of community collaboration! The committee was made up of co-chairs Jamie Reschny (UNBC) and Andrea Langlois (Pacific AIDS Network), and Russ Callaghan (UNBC), Sam Milligan (Northern Health), Vanessa West (Positive Living North), Josh Seymour (Positive Living North), Erin Anderlini (Prince George Native Friendship Centre), Mary Jackson (Northern HIV and Health Education Society), Heather Peters (UNBC), Sherri Pooyak (Aboriginal HIV/AIDS CBR Collaborative Centre), Colette Plasway (Northern BC First Nations HIV/AIDS Coalition), Janice Duddy (Pacific AIDS Network), and Murry Krause (Central Interior Native Health Society). Also thanks to research assistants Tiegan Daniels, Sarah Jackson, and Joshua Mann for their work on this initiative.

Moving Mountains was made possible through funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Association of HIV/AIDS Research, and the support of the Pacific AIDS Network, the CIHR CBR Collaborative (A program of REACH) and the Aboriginal HIV/AIDS CBR Collaborative Centre.

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