Job Posting: Research Project Coordinator – HIV Supported Housing Services in Western Canada


The HIV Supported Housing Services in Western Canada: Outcome Tools Development study is a partnership among HIV supported housing service providers in Calgary, Vancouver and Saskatoon; people living with HIV in each of these cities; and researchers, policy makers and HIV housing service providers in Alberta, BC and Ontario.

The study is supported by the CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS. The aim of the project is to assist HIV supported housing agencies in western Canada to collaboratively develop outcome measures and tools for high tolerance, low barrier HIV supported housing, so that these measures and tools may be used in program evaluation and services improvement.

Position Description Summary:

The Research Project Coordinator will be contracted to work approximately 12 hours/week for up to 18 months to coordinate research team activities; support and supervise peer co-investigators and a graduate student; organize and document team workshops and teleconferences; conduct a literature review; create a compendium of outcome tools and draft an outcomes instrument; conduct or supervise interviews with service users; support a graduate student in the development of an Excel database to track outcomes; create agency-friendly tools for client charting; and coordinate and contribute to report and presentation preparation.

Key Accountabilities:

  •  Reports to the Principal Investigators (Floyd Visser and Catherine Worthington)
  • Accountability to the HIV Supported Housing Services in Western Canada: Outcome Tools Development Team

Major Activities of the Role:

  •  Support project start-up and team development, including orientation of peer co-investigators, team communications, and meeting planning/scheduling
  • Conduct a literature review to update and organize peer-reviewed literature on HIV supported housing outcome measures; gather outcome measures in use by partner organizations; and create a compendium of HIV supported housing outcome measures for the research team
  • Organize a team two-day workshop to develop program logic models, and collaboratively identify program outcomes for tracking. Meeting planning tasks include room bookings, travel arrangements, hospitality arrangements and assisting with presentations.
  • Conduct interviews (and/or supervise peer co-investigators in conducting interviews) with up to 10 service users or family members for each participating agency to consult on program logic models
  • Assist each agency to finalize program logic models
  • Refine outcome tool compendium based on logic models; draft outcome measures tool
  • Support graduate student in designing a database for outcome data collection, and create agency-friendly tools for client charting
  • Assist in training agency staff in data entry and data production (including creation of a simple manual)
  • Organize a final one-day team meeting to discuss and finalize tools; and support next steps, including design of an outcomes study 2 Research Project Coordinator
  • Plan reporting, knowledge transfer and dissemination activities for community, policy, and academic audiences
  • Draft a study report, and conference presentations


  • Master’s Degree in a health-related discipline
  • Training and demonstrated experience in program planning and evaluation
  • Demonstrated experience in research project management and staff supervision
  • Strong written communication skills, including editing and copy-editing, with demonstrated experience preparing literature reviews, ethics applications, project funder reports, and research results for academic and non-academic audiences
  • Excellent organizational and communication abilities
  • Experience implementing multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects
  • Proficiency in the use of various software applications required (e.g., Microsoft Office, EndNote or ProCite)
  • Background in HIV / AIDS with issues related to homelessness, aging and the continuing care industry preferred


Working Conditions:

Works remotely

Twelve hours per week to a maximum of 18 months (78 weeks)

Remuneration: Invoice $25.00 per hour (including GST) once a month

Start Date: 1 November 2014, or as negotiated

Application Deadline: 5pm (Pacific Standard Time), 3 October 2014

Apply with résumé and cover letter by email to:

 Shawna McNabb 
 Research, Communications & Professional Development 
 Faculty of Human and Social Development / University of Victoria 
 Email: [email protected]

We encourage qualified applications from all sectors of the community including persons living with HIV.