Engage: A Health Study Launch

The Engage Study began recruiting participants on December 9, 2013, and we have now enrolled 38 participants from across BC. We will be recruiting participants until December, 2015. 
We are actively working with community organizations, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others involved in providing care for people living with HIV to recruit people for the study and are very excited by the results and interest that’s been generated so far.

Here are a few key highlights of our participant’s demographic information:

Engage graphic 2

If you know anyone who may be eligible please pass along our study information. To be eligible, as person needs to be:

  •  over 19
  • diagnosed HIV positive
  • a resident of British Columbia
  • comfortable completing the survey in English
  • started taking HAART for the first time within the past 6 months (meaning their first prescription ever, not restarting treatment)

Participants complete a 1-hour initial survey and follow-up survey 6 to 12 months later. The survey can be done in person at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver or over the phone. Participants receive an honorarium of $50 and/or entries into a draw for an iPad for each survey.

We are hoping to enroll 300 people in the study over 2 years and achieving this goal will only be possible with your support. That’s why we’re asking organizations like yours to help share information so we can recruit participants to this study. An informational poster and postcard are available to download, print, and share, or you can contact us to send you hard copies of this material.

The study team is made up of Sarah Kesselring, the Project Coordinator, and Chuck Osborne, the Peer Research Associate. We can both be reached toll-free at 1-855-506-8615 (option 2) and [email protected] or [email protected].