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Call for Participants!

Are you an HIV-positive adult 19 years or older? Have you been

positive for more than one year? Do you reside in BC?

Fluent in English?

The BC People Living with HIV Stigma Index will be wrapping up data collection March 25th and will no longer be booking interviews.  If you are interested in taking part in this study, or for more information, please contact us at

1-844-584-9346 or [email protected]

The HIV Stigma Index is a research and community-building tool used in more than 55 countries worldwide. It’s now being implemented in British Columbia by a diverse team comprised of community-based representatives, service providers, and academics.


Purpose of the Study

The aim of the HIV Stigma Index is to collect information about the experiences of people living with HIV related to stigma, discrimination, and human rights.

What is Involved

The HIV Stigma Index is a peer-driven project: it has been developed and implemented by and for people living with HIV, which means that the Index questions will be asked by another person living with HIV. The Index is carried out in person, and takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete. All participants will be provided with a $35 honorarium and will be reimbursed for travel to and from the interview site, as well as for child care, if applicable.

 Benefits of Participating

In addition to helping inform the wider community about experiences of stigma for people living with HIV the process of implementing the Stigma Index is meant to be empowering.

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This study is being led by the Pacic AIDS Network and the University of Victoria, along with numerous community partners, and is funded by the Vancouver Foundation, the CIHR Centre for REACH in HIV/AIDS and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) Institute of
Infection and Immunity: HIV/AIDS