Community-Led, Community-Level Evaluation of STOP HIV/AIDS

The community led, community level evaluation was commissioned by STOP’s Community Engagement Working Group, with the goal of gathering feedback from AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) from across the province, to examine the provincial impact of the STOP pilot projects on ASOs and CBOs.

This evaluation was conducted with ASO and CBO members of the Pacific AIDS Network (PAN), and Red Road HIV/AIDS Network (Red Road) over the summer of 2012 by consultants from Reciprocal Consulting. The goal of the evaluation was for the purpose of sustainability, planning and future thinking about a potential provincial expansion of the STOP project, to identify what worked and what could be improved.

To download the summary report, click here.

To download the full report, click here.

Below is a video presentation of the findings from the Community-Led, Community-Level Evaluation of STOP HIV/AIDS. It begins with an introduction by Kath Webster on behalf of the STOP Leadership Committee, and the findings are presented by Kim van der Woerd, Elayne Vlahaki, and Samantha Tsuruda from Reciprocal Consulting, the firm that was hired by the Community Evaluation Working Group to conduct the evaluation.