HIV & the Law: Resources for Service Providers

*NEW* Policy & Practice Toolkit for Ontario AIDS Service Organizations on Clients’ HIV Disclosure Decisions and Process: This resource aims to support community-based HIV organizations to develop policies and practices that help people living with HIV to control and navigate HIV disclosure decisions and actions.

Information about the criminal law and HIV non-disclosure

1. Criminal law & HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada: Info Sheets. A series of three info sheets on the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada, created by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Topics covered include:legal network document

  • The obligation to disclose HIV-positive status under criminal law
  • The criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada and internationally
  • Criminalization, public policy and community responses

2. Women and the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure. Info sheet published by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network  (one in a series of four), on the human rights of women living with or vulnerable to HIV in Canada.

Information to help you support clients

1. Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure: Key Points. This CATIE document presents a summary of key points around Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure taken from “HIV in Canada: A primer for service providers.”

3. Legal and clinical implications of HIV non-disclosure: A practical guide for HIV nurses in Canada. A guide, developed by the Canadian Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (CANOC) & CATIE, that discusses the complexities faced by nurses and other service providers working with people living with HIV.

4. How health care and social service providers can support positive people. This guide, produced by the Positive Women’s Network, is designed to help health and service providers to support women who are thinking about disclosing their HIV status.

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