HIV & the Law: Print Media, Videos & Films

Print + web media

1. Articles in Positive Living Magazine: This series of articles provides history of HIV non-disclosure in Canada, offers policy alternatives, and describes the work Positive Living BC is leading.

2. Transmission Control: HIV non-disclosure laws do more harm, The Walrus Magazine, by Miranda Elliott (2015). This article explores how current laws around HIV non-disclosure may not in fact prevent HIV transmission, but rather promote it by discouraging testing and impeding the work of the treatment as prevention program.

3. The Origins and Future of HIV Disclosure Laws, Extra Magazine, by Chris Dupuis (2015). A review of Alison Duke’s film, Consent, that explores the history and future of Canadian HIV disclosure laws, through interviews with experts on the subject.

4. Canadian Law Amplifies Gender-Based Violence And HIV Stigma, Huffington Post, by Erin Seatter of the Positive Women’s Network (2015).

5. HIV Criminalization Hurts Women on Both Sides of the Courtroom, Huffington Post, by Erin Seatter of the Positive Women’s Network (2014).

6. “They don’t want us to have sex”: Women consider life under threat of criminal lawby Erin Seatter, published in the Positive Women’s Network Newsletter (2013).

7. Canada: In Nova Scotia, Glimmers of Hope for Science in the Prosecution of HIV Non-Disclosure, by (HIV Justice Network), on (2016)

Videos and Films

1. Sex, criminal law and HIV non-disclosure (2014): This short, two-part video series produced by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network addresses the urgent, pressing legal issue of criminalization of HIV non-disclosure in Canada, what is wrong with the current approach and why the Legal Network continues to work to change these laws and the way they are enforced.

2. Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure in Canada Video Series (2014): This series of 23 short videos by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network focuses on the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure page 5 picin Canada. It covers the history of HIV non-disclosure, legal rights of people living in Canada and internationally, as well as the implications of current laws, and what is being done from a policy standpoint.

3. Positive Women: Exposing Injustice: This 45-minute documentary film produced by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network tells the personal stories of four women living with HIV in Canada and their experiences with HIV disclosure, the criminal law, and stigma and discrimination.

4. Consent: HIV Non-Disclosure and Sexual Assault Law (2015): This documentary produced by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network discusses why HIV non-disclosure has been prosecuted as sexual assault and how we can challenge this problematic legal framing which affects all people living with HIV.

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