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HIV and the Law Toolkit

HIV & Law

Welcome to our HIV and the law online toolkit, where we’ve compiled the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources available to assist service providers and people living with or affected by HIV navigate the laws around living with HIV. Laws around HIV disclosure are often complicated and may seem confusing. This resource page is intended to bring together in one place current resources that clearly outline the laws, rights and responsibilities for people living with HIV in Canada.

As you will see, the resources found here are tailored to various audiences from people living with HIV, to service providers, lawyers and policy makers. Resources vary from brochures presenting specific information, to opinion pieces, scientific briefings, and informational videos. Many of these resources also provide specific information to support people living with HIV in disclosing their status in a variety of scenarios.


Resources for People Living with HIV

Resources for Service Providers

Resources for Legal and Policy Advocacy

Informative Print Media, Videos & Films

Research on Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure

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