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On January 14, 2015 PAN wrote to the Honourable Terry Lake, Minister of Health to request that the Minister consider broadening the current HPV vaccine program in BC to include all genders, and in particular, those living with or at-risk of HIV and HCV.

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To read Warren O’Briain, Executive Director, Population and Public Health Division’s letter of response, CLICK HERE.

Subsequently PAN launched an advocacy initiative in March 2015, which involved writing to all of the Executive Directors of PAN member organizations to encourage them to write their own letter to the Minister of Health advocating for “accessible, free HPV vaccination program for all genders and especially for people living with or at-risk for HIV and HCV” as well as calling for a universal, school-based vaccination program for boys as well as girls.

In part because of this work, in July 2015 the Ministry of Health announced an expansion of the current BC publicly-funded HPV vaccination to boys and young men — who are gay, bisexual or MSM or who are otherwise at risk, up to the age of 26.

PAN also worked to collate and gather research relating to the HPV vaccine, HIV and gay men and other MSM in the blog post titled: Possibilities for Protection: HPV, HIV and MSM

On May 9, 2012 PAN met with the Honourable Margaret MacDiarmid, Minister of Labour to express our concerns about Bill 39, the Emergency Intervention Disclosure Act, into law.  The stated goal of the legislation is to enhance the safety of first responders. PAN expressed concerns that this legislation is not evidence-based and violates persons  right to privacy and security.

On June 15/12 PAN wrote to the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, to formally lodge a standing request with the Provincial Health Office that we be notified when the provisions are invoked in the province and under what circumstances.

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To read Dr. Perry Kendall’s letter of response, CLICK HERE


On June 6, 2011, HIV/AIDS Networks from across Canada sent a joint letter addressed Federal Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq regarding the future of the AIDS Community Action Plan program through the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Among other things, the letter requests that no further funding cuts be given to the ACAP regional budget as current levels are already creating hardship among ASOs.  Further, the letter requests copies of the final consultation report on ACAP, conducted by the firm of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, be given to those organizations that participated in the process.  To view the full letter, please  click here.

In the fall of 2010, multiple organizations throughout BC received confirmation of HCV funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Due to the federal elections, contribution agreements for these projects were not signed and community organizations have been waiting to hear on the status of these agreements.  To read the joint letter from PAN and the Pacific Hepatitis C Network  to Federal Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq sent June 2, 2011, please click here.

As a result of communication in 2009 (see below) with the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport, PAN was invited to meet with the Honourable Ida Chong on February 24, 2010.  To download a copy of the briefing note presented at that meeting please CLICK HERE.

To view a copy of the thank you letter that was sent to Minister Chong following the face-to-face meeting on February 24, 2010 please click here.


At the Spring 2009 meeting, the member organizations of PAN set a number of priorities for the Network over the coming year.  One of the requests made was that PAN prepare a communications brief for the Minister of Health and Minister of Health Living and Sport, describing the state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic presently in BC as well as outlining the importance of community-based AIDS organizations and their role in addressing the epidemic.

To see that communications brief, please click here.

To see the letter and Executive Summary that was delivered to the Honourable Kevin Falcon, please click here.

To see the letter and Executive Summary that was delivered to the Honourable Ida Chong, please click here.

To download a copy of the response letter recieved from Minister Falcon please click here.