PLDI – Core Leadership Training at beautiful Loon Lake June 15 – 18, 2017

Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) – Core Leadership Training

Applications Available Now!!!

Apply Before May 5th 4:00pm

We’re very excited to announce that PAN is hosting its 11th Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI) – Core Leadership Training at Loon Lake in Maple Ridge, BC June 15 – 18th 2017!

The Core Leadership Training has proven to be a great success in BC, with over 160 people successfully completing Core Leadership Training. The training is truly helping people living with HIV (PLHIV) realize their individual leadership potential: helping to strengthen a network of PLHIV leaders in British Columbia.

What is the Positive Leadership Development Institute?
The Positive Leadership Development Institute is a three-module training for people living with HIV and offers an opportunity to identify and develop leadership skills.  The three modules of the training are:

  • Core Leadership Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Bored? Get on Board! (Board/organizational governance)

The Core Leadership Training provides the foundation for the other two modules of the training and is a prerequisite for them and all other PLDI events and resources.

Core Leadership Training seeks to answer the question: “Who am I as a Leader?”

The three main goals of the training are:

  1. To identify personal values and philosophy;
  2. To develop leadership skills and practices;
  3. To gain community knowledge and awareness.

The curriculum objectives for the training are for participants to have the opportunity:

  • To understand the 5 principles and 10 commitments of leadership
  • To realize individual leadership potential
  • To participate in building a network of leaders within the PHA community
  • To realize the potential and strengths that each individual brings to the network
  • To learn about and practice leadership skills in a safe environment
  • To inspire others to become leaders
  • To encourage participants to take on facilitator and mentoring roles within the community
  • To expand participants awareness of our community

IMPORTANT: It must be emphasized that the PLDI trainings are professional development opportunities – not retreats. The Core Leadership Training will take place over the course of four days – and these days are very structured and intensive. While there are scheduled breaks, the days are quite long and people attending the training are expected to be present and participating for the duration. This training is therefore recommended for people whose physical and mental health is in a place where they can fully participate.

Due to the location of the Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre if for any reason someone decides to withdraw, or are dismissed, from the training, they agree to remain at Loon Lake Lodge and Retreat Centre until the bus departs on June 18th and returns to Vancouver, BC. In this instance, the individual may still partake in meals provided at the Loon Lake facilities as well as remain in their assigned accommodation.

Who is eligible to attend?
In order to attend, a person must be living with HIV/AIDS and resident in BC.  Applicants must also have the endorsement of a PAN member agency.  PAN is committed to ensuring diverse representation including women and Indigenous PLHIV. Core Leadership Training can be beneficial for PLHIV both new and experienced in HIV work.

What is the application process for this training?
There are a total of 18 seats available.

All persons interested in taking the training must complete and submit an application form.

The deadline for receipt of applications is May 5th

Due to limited administrative resources, to promote efficiency and to make things easier for our volunteer Selection Committee members, we require that all applications be submitted electronically by email.

IMPORTANT: Applications should be sent to the following email address:  [email protected].

Applications should be saved and sent in the following format: “Lastname_Leadership” – example, “Cossar_Leadership”. If scanning facilities are available, the application can be signed, scanned and sent as a PDF. However, it can also be simply worked on as a Word document, and then emailed (we will obtain the necessary signatures subsequently from all successful applicants).

We are asking for official support/endorsement from the Executive Director of a PAN member agency/organization for each submitted application. There is a space to indicate that endorsement on the application form.

What is the fee?
The fee is $150 per person from each PAN member organization who has someone attend the training from their agency.

We do not want this to represent a barrier to PLHIV from being able to attend the training, therein some flexibility will be in place for cases where paying this amount would present a true hardship for the PAN-member organization in question.

An invoice for the fee will be sent to the Executive Director of the organization via email. All fees are due to PAN June 7th, in order to confirm a person’s attendance. Fees will be refunded in the event a person is unable to attend the training, provided notice is received by PAN by June 7th   After June 7th 2017 the fees are non-refundable.

And this is what participants had to say when asked to tell us about their experience with the training in June 2014:

“Thank you so much. I came here depressed, scared and isolated. I left here loved, full of knowledge and empowered.”

 “Fantastic job! Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, efforts, energy, greatly appreciated.”

 “The diversity, selection of the participants was well thought out.”

 “Loved the laughter-no pressure, freedom to participate and totally safe environment.”

 “It (PLDI) allowed me to see past my sickness and allowed me to see where I fit in the world.”

 “I have found a deeper sense of who I am especially as a leader.”

If after having read all of the information above, and having reviewed the Application Form, Code of Conduct and Financial Guidelines, if you still have questions, please email us at [email protected].

Code of Conduct Financial Guidelines PLDI Core – June 2017
PLDI Sample Release of Liability Core 2017
PLDI Core Training June 2017 Application (word)
PLDI Core Training June 2017 Application (pdf)