Training and Curriculum

Mental Health/Substance Use & HIV/HCV Training and Curriculum

From evidence gathered since we began this work in 2008, the need to support communities, agencies and frontline workers with mental health resources is clear. As a result of this need, we provide and develop training opportunities as resources permit. We have gathered feedback from conference evaluations and an online survey to focus on content identified as critical and important. We have held two conference-training sessions (2010 & 2012) and have developed several mental health related webinars – with more to come!

Past Trainings, CLICK HERE

View a summary report of the training topics identified as important to develop, CLICK HERE

Mental Health First Aid

We continue to explore ways to provide more intensive regional support. In 2015 we began offering regional Mental Health First Aid trainings to our member agencies who wish to participate.  We have completed trainings in Prince George, Victoria, Cranbrook and Vancouver.  If you are interested in scheduling a Mental Health First Aid training in your region please contact PAN’s Director of Program Development at [email protected] or by phone at 604.968.3160.