The Community HIV/HCV Evaluation and Reporting Tool (CHERT)

Welcome to the CHERT!

Funded by the Provincial Health Services Authority, the CHERT is an online survey that collects annual data from community-based HIV/AIDS and/or HCV programs operating in BC. CHERT questions explore both process and outcome level indicators related to the programs’ prevention, testing and treatment services. The central objectives of the CHERT are to:

  • demonstrate the contribution community programs are making to the success of the provincial strategy to address HIV/AIDS in the province, as outlined in From Hope to Health: Towards An AIDS Free Generation;
  • standardize data reporting exercises required of community organizations;
  • provide community organizations with the information they need to identify gaps and trends in service delivery that can be used to adjust services or develop new programs;
  • and provide accountability to funders, as CHERT findings can be used to compare the actual activity of organizations to what was planned for in initial proposals and logic models.

It is important to highlight that the design and concept of the CHERT has been heavily modeled from the successful work of the Ontario Community HIV and AIDS Reporting Tool (OCHART), in addition to the Program Evaluation Report Tool (PERT) of the AIDS Community Action Program, Public Health Agency of Canada.

The work of the CHERT would not be possible without the ongoing guidance and support of the BC HIV/HCV Evaluation Advisory Group.