Quarterly CBR in BC Meetings

The BC Community-Based Research (CBR) Quarterly Meetings are an exciting opportunity for stakeholders to come together and discuss the direction of research for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and related conditions in the province. Meetings include time for project networking, updates, development of small working groups to move joint issues forward and exploring important methodological, ethical and other topical issues.

The meetings further the development of partnerships across key stakeholders, researchers, organizations and academics to build effective CBR networks that span the entire province. We welcome participants from across the province (either in person or via video or teleconference).

CBR Quarterly participants are involved in many and diverse research projects and studies. You will find research project summaries and key contact information on the Summary of BC Research Projects page. If you are a participant and would like to provide research project/summary information to be included in the list of projects, please complete this online form.

The original impetus for these meetings came from PAN and our member organizations, as well as other key stakeholders including the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BCCfE), and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA). Together these representatives identified a shared desire to formalize meetings to allow for greater communication and coordination among CBR practitioners in the province. PAN facilitates these meetings and we are pleased to play a strong role in supporting a vital network of CBR practitioners interested in HIV/AIDS and related issues.

For more information on the BC CBR Quarterly Meetings and how you or your organization can become involved, please contact PAN’s Director of CBR:

Andrea Langlois, [email protected] or by phone: 250-213-7464.

Meeting Materials:

Working Groups:

The ad hoc Honoraria Working Group was formed to examine common issues surrounding honoraria and compensation for peer research associates (PRAs) and to outline best practices when developing compensation plans and policies for community-based studies. This group developed the CBR Tip Sheet – Compensating Peer Researchers.