Community of Practice: Sharing, Collaborating, Learning

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Mental Health & HIV & HCV

The Pacific AIDS Network invites member agency frontline workers to participate in a Community of Practice beginning in January 2013.

A Community of Practice is a network of individuals with common problems or interests who get together to explore ways of working, identify common solutions, and share good practice and ideas.

Q: Who should consider joining this community of Practice?

A: If you are working with people who are living with HIV/HCV, and want to contribute to and learn more about mental health and substance use with your colleagues across the province.

What does a Community of Practice do?

  • Puts you in touch with like-minded colleagues and peers
  • Allows you to share your experiences and learn from others
  • Allows you to collaborate and achieve common outcomes
  • Accelerates your learning
  • Validates and builds on existing knowledge and good practice
  • Provides the opportunity to motivate and create new ideas

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