Community-Based Research Tools

Community-based research (CBR) is a collaborative process from start to finish. CBR is a practice that places community partnerships at the forefront, and is marked by the principles of collaboration, positive social change and inclusion. 

These resources provide information on the various stages of community-based research, from partnership building to knowledge translation. Like CBR itself, it is a work in process. 


CBR Musings blog: ongoing information about our CBR projects and resources in the community.



Rethinking ASOs: Responding to the end of AIDS Exceptionalism through East-West Collaboration. Rethinking ASOs was a CBR project to explore the impact and direction of the end of “AIDS exceptionalism” and changing roles of service organizations.

K2A2013 Conference Report  Knowledge to Action: Strategic Directions for
Community-Based Research

CBR Workshop Report 2011: Looking Forward, Standing Together: A Provincial Strategy for Community-Based Research in BC


CBR Toolkit:


Important Institutes or Organizations involved in HIV CBR include: